“I was seldom able to see an opportunity until it had ceased to be one.” … Mark Twain


The curling waves that break upon our shores are born far beyond the horizon.

Thousands of miles away forces of nature combine to create perfection disguised as chaos.

Warm air rises above the ocean, and as surface pressure drops, cooler air rushes in and quickly begins to churn the flatness. Peaks and troughs increasingly disturb the flow of rushing air, and a storm is brewing.

Churning chaos spreads, and powerful waves begin their journey away from the winds that created them.

I am endlessly amazed at the way nature creates order from confusion, and for much of my life have attempted to replicate this process. Not an easy task. Most of the time I am so completely mired in what may be right or wrong, I forget that things simply work or don’t work. If I were unimpeded by unnecessary judgement, and rolling like the ocean swells, how great a distance might I travel?

Opportunities roll into our lives a lot like the swells that break along the shoreline. They too come from beyond our perception, and if we don’t climb aboard they dissipate quickly and disappear. But ride one!, just one!, embrace the energizing power of nature rising within you, and the eagerness to ride another, and another, and another propels your spirit headlong toward the unknown with no thought of looking back.

When opportunity knocks it is like the Universe reminding us that We are One with our Creator. Too often we forget, and stumble through life from one problem to the next believing that we have the power to control life and its outcomes. It is only when we let go of this lust for power that we find the ability to truly create.

Opportunity is like an invitation to abandon all judgement, to live in the moment and make it something profound and significant.

When opportunity knocks, open the door.

Catch the wave! Answer the call to action.

Life is filled with opportunities, surprises, successes, disappointments, tremendous love, devastating heartbreak. The list is endless. Be passionate about living in a way that allows everything in life to unfold. Be fearless. Make mistakes. Experience the sweetness of success.

Feel the power of knowing that You and the Universe work together.

Opportunities are everywhere for an open mind and a generous heart.

Life is good!


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