Welcome to Curling Flatness, a safe harbor for all who seek opportunities to recognize who they truly are.

Curling Flatness is not just about endless opportunities. It’s about arduous journeys, heartwarming embraces, a sharing of good intentions, and the inevitable heart wrenching farewells.

It is a sail upon the seas of time that will forever stir your soul!

Welcome aboard this eternal passage, an opportunity to explore and discover your magic, and to share your love with the world.


“Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity.” … Henry Van Dyke


Curling Flatness is a record of observations made while pursuing significant personal goals through selfless service to others.

In this pursuit of Universal freedom, I focus on two infinitely unavoidable questions. Why?, and Why Not?.

More specifically, I attempt to answer one of these questions, (every Sunday), as they pertain to a perception of purpose in life, the many available opportunities to serve, and the consequential actions that define our lives as we continually touch the lives of others.

The words written here are in no way indisputable truth. Everyone is on their own journey. Though you may ask many of the same questions I do, the answers you find will always be those found only within you. I simply want you to know that you are not alone.

Curling Flatness is nothing more than my personal quest, my desire to allow my magic to unfold, and my responsibility to share my love with the world.

You may find this site interesting. You may find reasons to realize your own opportunities, and to pursue your own lofty goals and dreams; or perhaps you’ll depart quickly, finding nothing of value here. Either way is OK.

Good luck if your journey lies elsewhere, and I thank you sincerely for visiting.

Everything written here is presented freely, with no advertising (though I reserve the right to promote charitable causes), and with no internet marketing mastery to entice your desire, and reel you in. I simply hope to cast a few stones across the waters, and send some ripples on their way. If you’d like to share in this adventure please introduce yourself here.


Curling Flatness tracks my own adventures as I pursue the elusive freedom that comes with an understanding smile, simple words of encouragement, and even months of volunteer work in a distant land where help is needed. I have lived in lesser developed countries than mine, have seen reasons to offer my assistance, and have set my goal to continually search for, and act upon, opportunities to volunteer my services. They are everywhere.

I am no Saint. Far from it to be honest, but I believe these simple truths:

1. I have something of value to offer the world.

2. No one can tell me different.

3. There are countless opportunities to offer my services to others.

4. It is my responsibility, and mine alone, to mindfully act upon opportunities that unfold before me.

5. Any and all action I take should always begin with Gratitude.

6. All of the above are as valid for you as they are for me.


Many years ago, as I walked to the airport among the colors and chaos of Mexico City, I was drawn toward an island of quiet despair amidst the clouds of belching cars, and the menacing thunder and lightning in the distance. A woman and her young child sat shivering in the gutter. As the desperate mother held her hand high, I made a choice to pass her by, finding my rush to evade the impending storm and catch my flight home of more importance.

Thirty five years later I still see the suffering in her eyes, and still feel the regret of not sharing my love with her and her child. Thankfully, I am truly blessed for the love she shared with me. Through her sad smile she gave me everything she could, and gave it freely. She is part of who I am.

As I begin this project I hope that everyone with whom I have crossed paths, has found reason to be grateful. For those who haven’t, perhaps someday we will meet again, and I can offer a more enlightened recognition of your beauty.

It’s a good idea to pay attention when the Universe is speaking, and it is the goal of Curling Flatness to listen well, and to graciously act upon this Universal wisdom given freely to all.


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